How Laziness Can Make You A Better Dad

How Laziness Can Make You A Better Dad

Laziness can get a bad rap...

Yes, it's sometimes fair, but when laziness leads to building systems, it can actually help you become a better husband & dad.

(When it results in sitting on your ass all day & doing nothing, it's no good to anyone...)

So I guess it all depends on how you define laziness...

The definition I like is: “averse or disinclined to work, activity or exertion.”

Now, let's just be clear: a good dad needs to be willing and able to work hard. But averse to unnecessary work? That's not bad at all. That leads us to look for a better way.

Consistently looking for a better way is one of the requisites of success as a father.

My go to for finding a better way is looking for leverage. Leverage is “using something to maximum advantage.” To me, that means systems.

✅️ Good lazy-dads use leverage & build systems to become more efficient & consistent.

❌️ Bad lazy-dads sit around doing nothing.

Here are 2 times to implement systems that will utilize your "lazy" desire to decrease work:

1. “Idiot-proof” the things you consistently forget.

Let's say your one of your wife's love languages is Words of Affirmation, but you're not as consistent as you'd like to be using your words to tell her how amazing she is...

Set an alarm in your phone for a reminder at the same time every day. Send her a quick text telling her something you love about her or appreciate about her.

This simple little alarm can change the dynamic of your relationship.

2. Build new habits into an existing routine.

Use a “Habit Stack” to launch a new habit off an existing one.

For example, I don't tell my son I'm proud of him enough. I know this, but I struggle remembering to say it more throughout the day.

Solution: build it onto an existing habit. Now, the last words out of my mouth every night are “I love you. I'm proud of you.” I already told him I loved him each night, and just built the new habit on top.

This doesn't replace the importance of saying it throughout the day too, but it starts the ball rolling...

The list could go on, but the point is: Systems are necessary to save you pain and help you become the best dad you can be. If that's fueled by "laziness," then we can all learn from lazy dads by leveraging systems to serve us!

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